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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Ngangkung" tells the story of a lorry driver Azim who lives a moderate lifestyle with his wife Suri and his daughter. Tasnim and Wan are Azim's closest friends and they start influencing Azim to bet on the lottery. Things take a turn when the number acquired by Tasnim by the way of 'ngangkung' is successful and it changes things completely as Azim starts to enjoy indulging in the activity.

Last weekend, setelah penat buat makan2 dirumah husband ajak bersantai tgk movie.. Plan to watch Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah, tapi ticket habis! As an alternative husband nak tgk movie nie dulu and tonite kami akan menonton cerita Mohd Khalid tu pulak..!

Mari support filem Melayu!!!

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