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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As Salam..
Hye, might some of you aware that i'm away for product inspections during our 1st Anniversary that day.. Deng!! Definately I can't refused to go as this is instructions by the management! How dispointed i am kan?? I do express my feeling at FB! so some of you (mcm ramai jer reader) mesti tau..

But.. of course mintak maap kat hubby banyak2 sbb tak der pada hari yg paling bermakna itu.. Husband always understand.. He said tak per.. we can celebrate when we'll go to Cherating next month!! Yeah! i'd arranged short trip to Cherating next month sempena our 1st Anniversary!! Insyaallah..

Nampak tak kertas yg berselerak atas meja aku itew.. betapa bz nya aku tp sempat gak nak captured card tu!!


For My Husband on our 1st Anniversary,

I love you - Today, Tomorrow and Always..

I wouldnt change one moment of our life together..

Everything we've shared has only made us stronger,

and i know our future holds even more happiness - because a wonderful man u are..
...because of the way you make me feel..
...and because every year, i get to celebrate this special day with u..

Happy Anniversary with love..

P/s : last night, borak2 dgn husband.. and husband decided nak gi bercuti ke island jugak!! yess!! i really need vacation!

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